Are Ghost Guns Legal in New York State?

‘Ghost guns’ are seemingly flooding the country, being used in all sorts of horrible crimes from drug dealing to murder to robbery. The ghost gun earned its name because it bears no serial number, making [...]

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Is the New NYC Employment Law Targeting the Use of AI in Hiring a Good Thing?

New York City has enacted a law to prevent discrimination against people by robots, which is to take effect Jan. 2, 2023.  The City Council has enacted a law to prevent bias by “Automated Employment [...]

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New York and LA Big Law Firms Sell Out By Representing Russian Banks: Shame On Them

From the Desk of Joe Carbonaro Some big Law firms in New York and LA have sold out again, this time agreeing to represent Russian interests in this time of global crises.  In my opinion,  [...]

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NY State Employment Discrimination: It’s Not That Simple

New York State and City anti-discrimination laws go significantly further than federal law to protect employees from discrimination by employers.  New York protects more categories of people and makes proving some forms of NY state [...]

Can NY Employers Require Their Employees to Get a COVID-19 Vaccine?

COVID-19 Vaccines: Can a NY employer require you to get one? And should they? The answer is generally, yes, but first we need to distinguish between a private sector employer and a public- state or [...]

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My Take on NY State Paid COVID-19 Vaccination and Family Leave Guidelines

On March 12, 2021, Governor Cuomo signed into law a bill granting public and private employees paid leave in order to get a COVID-19 vaccine, specifically four hours per injection. The NY State Paid COVID-19 [...]

If I Were Conducting the Trump Impeachment Trial Here’s What I’d Do

Democrats, bless their naïve little hearts, are trying to impeach Donald Trump using only the law while staying within the bounds of fairness and what’s relevant. That is very democratic of them; that being said, [...]

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New York Coronavirus (COVID-19) Workplace Rights

The New York State legislature is considering whether to enact a new law that would nullify any employment agreement in which the employee waives his or her right to sue the employer due to negligent [...]

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