New York Sexual Harassment Attorney

sexual-harassment-lawyer2From bold sexual advances to subtle remarks that generate a hostile or uncomfortable work environment, sexual harassment is a serious matter that can on take many different forms. Employees in the state of New York are protected from sexual harassment by federal and state laws, in addition to the New York City Human Rights Law. If you believe that you have been the victim of sexual harassment at your place of work, talk to a New York sexual harassment lawyer who can stand up for your rights.

Myths About Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is not just a woman’s problem. Male employees can be victims of sexual harassment as well.
Employees may find themselves harassed by a supervisor, manager, CEO, fellow employer, or a non-employee of the opposite or same sex.
An employee can be a victim of sexual harassment whether he or she is directly harassed or is exposed to conduct in the workplace that he or she finds offensive. Even if the subject was not discharged, demoted, or otherwise directly affected as a result, they can have a valid sexual harassment claim if the conduct interfered with their work or led to a threatening or uncomfortable work environment.

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