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If I Were Conducting the Trump Impeachment Trial Here’s What I’d Do

February 7th, 2021|0 Comments

Democrats, bless their naïve little hearts, are trying to impeach Donald Trump using only the law while staying within the bounds of fairness and what’s relevant. That is very democratic of them; that being said, if they proceed this way, my prediction is they are bound to lose and no one is going to remember [...]



Wrongful Termination

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The term “wrongful termination” is misleading because in New York and most other states, without a written agreement for a specific term, employment is “at will.”


Sexual Harassment


Employees in the state of New York are protected from sexual harassment by federal and state laws, in addition to the New York City Human Rights Law. From bold sexual advances


Employment Law

Hiring and firing employees can be tricky. There are legal implications for both, and you should be well-informed before you do either.


Breach of Contract

Joe Carbonaro Law Breach of Contract cases

As an employer, when hiring, you may inadvertently create an employment contract giving the employee greater rights than New York state law does.


Age Discrimination

If you feel that you have been the victim of age bias at work, you should not hesitate to talk to an age discrimination lawyer in New York about your situation and your rights.

Saved my JOB
Joe represented me in a 3020-a case. Even though the cards were stacked against me, Joe remained positive throughout the whole ordeal. He was diligent, hard working and personable. The case involved many hearings and Joe was always prepared for what seemed like an avalanche of evidence against me. He countered with everything they came with and in the long run, he solidified a huge victory for me. I know for a fact that without his knowledge and expertise, I would have been forced to resign. I was put through misery for 24 months and I can say with conviction that Joe's tenacity paid off. It felt like my case would never end. I felt I was walking on egg shells for 2 years. I am happy that I retained Joe for his services and I am more than thrilled with the outcome. I highly recommend Joe to fight for you.
Responsive, professional, and an advocate
I was referred to Mr. Carbonaro by a very well known and regarded attorney I have a personal acquaintance with who had a conflict of interest with a pre-existing contractual relationship with the other party involved in my dispute. Briefly, I was employed for approximately twenty years as a contractor with a company, who fell upon hard times. They initially extended the period between invoice submission and payment, then developed a trend of late payments. Next, I agreed to a reduction in compensation to assist the company as it struggled with emerging into a new media market. Late pays became no pays, and excuse upon excuse became insulation through employees or incommunicado as a modus operandi when past due payments were at issue. Hopeful to maintain the relationship which had extended approximately two decades, I was compassionate about the financial struggles claimed (learning of other contractors also being subjected to the same experiences) until such time that I had essentially worked without compensation for two years and was nearly spent out of my savings.
Felt disrespected during a consultation
Mr. Carbonaro consulted me on a case of mine. I did my best to give him the relevant facts to it, but I am not a legal expert. Rather than pose insightful questions or comments on my case, he pointed out a common mistake in similar cases, that was not relevant in my case. I lost a few hours doing research to find this out.