From the Desk of Joe Carbonaro

Some big Law firms in New York and LA have sold out again, this time agreeing to represent Russian interests in this time of global crises.  In my opinion,  this is reprehensible. 

I represent people and companies that have legal problems.  Many are well-founded, many are not.  I do it because I believe in the system of justice we have established here for 250 years. I also do it for a living, because, like everyone else, I have to keep the lights on. 

Some Big Law firms don’t have to worry about keeping their lights on.  They are drowning in money, charging fees that would curl your eyelids.  But they don’t care enough about the world crisis to reject clients identified as the enemy, meaning Russian banks, businesses, oligarchs and other entities that directly or indirectly support the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  Many prominent and well-respected firms choose fees over patriotism and defend the rights of those on the wrong side of history, fighting to keep their money accessible.  It makes me sick to my stomach to think that the Russians are using our sacred justice system to finance their immoral war against Ukraine and that revered law firms are helping them to do it. 

I understand everyone, including Russian interests and the Russian government, has a Constitutional right to legal counsel.  But lawyers and law firms are always free to decline cases or to divest from clients with whom they have a conflict of interest.  It doesn’t mean that Big Law has to sell out to the enemy.  Let them hang in the wind without anyone on their side.  It turns out that lawyers you may know, people who work for these big firms are actually giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Many firms have acted patriotically and parted ways with Russian interests or declined their cases, but many other prominent firms have chosen money over freedom.  

It’s always amazed me at what people will do for 30 pieces of silver. Or some worthless rubles. Shame. 

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