Smart Lawyering

When you hire an attorney, you have every right to expect that your lawyer will not only work for you, but with you as well. You might know the facts, but I know the law and the best way to achieve a good outcome is to have both. I will fight to protect your rights every day of the week.

The idea of “Smart Lawyering” came about when I realized that there’s a need in the market for attorneys who want to help the type of business person who isn’t listed on the Stock Exchange. These business owners have needs that are just as important. Smart Lawyering is about finding a way to solve your problems without overcharging you.

Did you know that some law firms charge their big corporate clients upwards of $1500 per hour? What you’re paying for when you hire a big firm is overhead. Big offices, swanky furniture, art on the walls, multiple secretaries, paralegals, people who clean and people who help the people who clean. It ends up costing you more money for the same thing I can provide using “smart lawyering.”

Smart Lawyering is:

  • Greater efficiency. 30 years of experience means I can get more done in less time by identifying and targeting the obstacles to resolution. While every case is multi-dimensional, my first goal is to find the stumbling block most likely to keep the parties from reaching an agreement and ending the dispute.
  • A good offense. I know that the best way to to get a good settlement is to be ready and willing to do battle in court, even in those cases where the facts or law might not always be on our side.
  • No busy work. You don’t need letters or memos telling you things you already know. I focus on the work that needs to be done to get you the best result possible. I don’t believe in churning files or doing busy work just to bill you. That’s bad for you as a client and bad for me as a business person who values his reputation, his time and your trust.
  • Low overhead. My office is efficient and serves the purposes for which an office is needed: to meet confidentially and comfortably with you, and allow me to carry out my work. I don’t believe that my office should serve as a display of how successful I am. Success = results for you, and nothing short of that should impress.
  • Easy contact. I am available 24/7 and am happy to speak to you when you call.  If I can’t, your phone call or email will be returned as quickly as humanly possible.