New York City

Commercial Litigation Lawyer

Couple mad at each otherIf you own a business, sometimes conflicts arise. These conflicts can be with your partners, shareholders, landlords, vendors, contractors or customers. You may need legal help to resolve these issues.  As a New York City commercial litigation lawyer, I represent businesses and individuals in commercial matters, such as:

I’ve represented small and mid-sized businesses in the technology, medical, retail, and restaurant sectors in a wide range of litigation matters, both as plaintiff and defendant, in New York State and federal courts. I’ve also negotiated contracts and commercial leases on behalf of various types of businesses and municipalities, including licensing agreements with Verizon and Fios for broadcasting rights, large developers, unions and landlords, as well as food-service vendors.

My litigation philosophy is to avoid it altogether. As a business owner, you can appreciate that litigation costs money, requires time better spent developing or running your business, and is risky. But the best way to avoid litigation is to anticipate it and prepare for it before it happens. That’s why I keep the possibility of litigation front and center when negotiating contracts. On those rare occasions that litigation becomes inevitable, the best way to get the result you need is to be willing to go to war on some issues but compromise on others.

I seek innovative, out-of-the-box solutions to clients’ problems. I’ve taken over cases from other lawyers after months of litigation and found ways to resolve the dispute that had not been explored before. There are times when solutions that don’t involve a monetary payment are acceptable to all parties. When that doesn’t work out, I have nearly 30 years of litigation experience that will get you what you need.

I offer sensible, affordable solutions to your difficult legal problems. Contact me today for a free consultation and I  will work with you to achieve the results you need.