At Joe Carbonaro Law we believe that the practice of law is about helping people. Nothing more, nothing less.

That is why the common link across our numerous practices areas is our emphasis on representing individuals. Whether you have been subjected to wrongful treatment in your workplace, investigated by law enforcement, or injured in an accident, you deserve justice. We are here to fight for you. Take a moment to explore our primary practice area’s:

Joe Carbonaro Law Practice Area’s

Employment Law

New York law is generally very pro-employer and pro-business. When you hire an employee, you enter into a contract with that person. In New York that contract is an “at-will” employment contract, meaning you can terminate the employee at any time, for any reason, or for no reason, provided that you don’t consider race, sex, age or other factors (see employment discrimination pages).

NYC Commercial Litigation

I’ve represented small and mid-sized businesses in the technology, medical, retail, and restaurant sectors in a wide range of litigation matters, both as plaintiff and defendant, in New York State and federal courts. I’ve also negotiated contracts and commercial leases on behalf of various types of businesses and municipalities, including licensing agreements with Verizon and Fios for broadcasting rights, large developers, unions and landlords, as well as food-service vendors

If you own a business, sometimes conflicts arise. These conflicts can be with your partners, shareholders, landlords, vendors, contractors or customers. You may need legal help to resolve these issues.  As a New York City commercial litigation lawyer, I represent businesses and individuals in commercial legal matters. Call me today for help with contracts and commercial litigation.

Age Discrimination and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

If you have been the victim of age bias at your place of work, you should not hesitate to talk to an age discrimination lawyer about your rights. Age discrimination can be very subtle.  At the same time, sexual harassment laws are clear cut. Contact me if you think you have been a victim of either age discrimination or sexual harassment.

Criminal Defense Law

If you or a loved one has been arrested, indicted or is under suspicion by law enforcement, you must seek immediate help from experienced counsel. Early intervention, including pre-arrest, can be effective and often short-circuits the need for an arrest at all.  If charges are to be brought, it’s often possible to arrange for voluntary surrender and an affordable bail package.

Getting the right advice, either pre or post-arrest, can make or break a case. Whether to make a statement to the police, consent to a search or cooperate in an investigation of any kind is a crucial decision that will affect you forever.  If you’ve already been indicted or arrested, every word spoken by your lawyer, every motion filed, every phone call placed, will affect the outcome of your case. Experience is critical, especially in the tough cases.


As a former school district lawyer and a top New York anti bullying lawyer, I know what buttons to press and where to push to get you and your child relief from bullying, including monetary damages. If your child has been the victim of bullying in school, or cyber bullying, the law provides a way for you to stop the bullying and get justice for the damage inflicted.