If you are a teacher in danger of losing your job, NYC Education and Employment Lawyer Joseph Carbonaro is here to help. With extensive experience in education law representing both teachers and school systems, Joe knows the ins and outs of education law from both sides.

Knowing when to fight vs. when to negotiate is crucial. Know this:
You do have rights as a New York teacher under Education Law Section 3020A: rights to a lawyer, rights to a hearing, rights to call on an impartial arbitrator, rights to call witnesses, the right to testify, the right to cross examine. Last but far from least,  you have the right to a good defense.

Having a good defense lawyer at your side, knowledgable in education law, is crucial to having a good outcome. Your union is not always the answer.

Find out today what your rights as a teacher are, and the best strategy for tackling your situation. It’s not always simple.

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