New NY State Law Now Allows Criminal Records to Be Sealed

What does this mean for a person with a Criminal Record? Well, this means that people who have possibly made a mistake in the past, will still have a possibility of a bright future. As of October 2017, people with old criminal records who can prove themselves reformed, now have a chance at having their cases sealed, under a new New York state law. The statute gives candidates with eligible convictions up to one felony and no more than two crimes total and that are at least a decade old the ability to apply for permanent sealing. In the past, citizens of New York who had been convicted of a crime, whether that be a felony or a misdemeanor, had to live with criminal records with no real hope of having a clean slate.

How are criminal records sealed?criminal-defense-records-law

Getting a criminal record sealed isn’t simple. It involves meeting very specific court requirements and convincing multiple authorities to support your request. That being said, an experienced attorney can help guide you through the process and provide important insights into your case and its potential issues.

Note that not all criminal convictions that result in criminal records are eligible for sealing. Certain convictions, such as those related to crimes that offer a significant danger to the public, are not eligible for sealing. In general, the following convictions, among others, would not be deemed eligible for sealing; sex offenses, violent crimes (or at least falling into the category of violent crimes), and class ‘A’ felonies.


NYC criminal defense attorney Joe Carbonaro has been successful in sealing criminal records for first time offenders who meet certain criteria. Contact him today for a free initial review to discuss putting your criminal record behind you.