It’s been said all good things come to those who wait. For adult victims of childhood sexual abuse, their “good thing” may finally be here. New York recently joined the growing number of states extending the statute of limitations for filing lawsuits for sexual abuse. The statute of limitations extension opens the door for adult victims of sexual abuse to finally seek justice against attackers and peace of mind, after suffering years of silence. 

The Child Victims Act (or CVA), signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in January, was a monumental step forward in securing justice for victims. The act extends the statute of limitations for future acts of child sexual abuse, allowing victims the ability to sue until they are 55 years old. The law previously had an age limit of twenty-three years.

Let’s unpack this new statute of limitations extension legislation:

First, what, exactly is a statute of limitation?

A statute of limitation is the legislation that dictates the maximum time after a crime that victims can file civil claims and law enforcement officials can prosecute.

What this statute means: If someone is a victim of child abuse today or in the future, they retain the right to sue their perpetrator at any time, up and until they reach the age of fifty-five years old. For those who experienced this abuse decades ago, the new law has established a one-year “look-back window.” This will allow victims the ability to resurrect their previously rejected or never-filed cases from decades ago and seek justice.

File your Childhood Sexual Abuse Claim Now

Time is of the essence for victims of childhood abuse to come forward. Hundreds of lawsuits have already been filed and thousands more are expected in the coming months. Given the onslaught of cases already filling up court dockets and the length of time it may take for these cases to resolve, victims need to come forward as soon as possible in order to get in under the 1 year wire.

In addition to filing suit quickly, victims will want to retain a lawyer who is experienced in all forms of sexual harassment and abuse. There may be many attorneys who will want to jump on the CVA bandwagon, but are not knowledgeable about the law, nor do they have a winning track record. Don’t be fooled.

Joe Carbonaro has been a defender and advocate for victims of sexual harassment and abuse for over thirty years. His experience, deep knowledge of the law, and his compassion for the victims of these heinous crimes, enable him to effectively represent his clients and secure the settlement they deserve. Contact him today if you think you may have a case. You owe yourself justice, and peace of mind.